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Malaysia's No.1 World & International Quality Award Winning - Antioxidant Alkaline Water SystemsAward Winning of International Star Award For Quality-Diamond Award. Geneva, Switzerland. 29-30th September 2012.

Air- Kepentingan kehidupan

Air merupakan sumber yang penting untuk tubuh badan kita.  Memasa menerokai planet lain, para saintis terlebih dahulu memastikan samada planet-planet tersebut mempunyai sumber air, atas sebab semua mahluk hidup bergantung  pada air untuk kehidupan.    75 % daripada tubuh manusia mengandungi air manakala otak 85% kandungan air.  Tumbuhan dan binatang memerlukan sumber air hidup. Jangka hayat kehidupan adalah Air (Water Chemistry).

Nilai pH darah manusia,diantara 7.35 – 7.45. Keseimbangkan pH adalah penting untuk kesihatan manusia maka adalah amat penting kita menjaga keseimbangan pH kita demi kesihatan kita. Kita sering menilai kadar kandungan pH air pada tahap sederhana atau “standpoint” pH saja tanpa menilai kepentingan kandungan Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP atau “Antioksidan”) dalam air. Dr.Otto Warberg yang mendapat anugerah Nobel telah memastikan bahawa punca kancer adalah kerana kekurangan oksigen ( pH rendah ).  Pakar Saintis telah mengenalpasti kebanyakan orang sihat mempunyai sistem beralkali.

Untuk kekal sihat, mencegah merupakan cara terbaik untuk tubuh kita bebas serta mengelakkan dan mengatasi radikal bebas dalam tubuh badan. Cara terbaik, senang dan mudah untuk tubuh kita memperolehi antioksidan adalah dengan meminum air antioxidant. Sekiranya anda ingin menjadi lebih muda dan sihat, paling baik ialah menyingkirkan radikal bebas dalam tubuh badan dengan meminum air antioksidan beralkali RIO®.


Our Company CEO, awarded for

In the realm of Customer Satisfaction, Leadership, Innovation and Efficiency in London, UK 2009. (21st International Quality Crown-Diamond Award)

Commitment to Quality, Leadership, Technology and Innovation in New York, USA 2009. (XXIII International Quality Summit- Platinum Award)

Commitment to Quality & Leadership in Paris, France2008 ( XXII World Quality Commitment- International Star Gold Award)

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Since the first BID Convention in Europe in 1975, other companies awarded are: K-Mart (84th in the Fortune Global 500); Coca Cola (215th), British American Tobacco (226th), Indian Oil Corporation Limited (232nd), as well as other important companies such as Navoi Mining Metallurgy Combinat, leading gold mine worldwide; the Argentinian company De Gi¨¢como, number one in foreign commerce; China Pacific Insurance Co. Ltd., leading insurance company in China which has a Joint Venture with Aetna, the U.S. insurance company holding the position 136 in the Fortune Global 500; Reemtsma (Ukraine), which belongs to the German group Reemtsma, leading the tobacco sales and manufacturing in the Ukraine; the German company Akademie F¨¹r Neue Medien; Infonet of Luxembourg & Lim KoK Wing University Of Malaysia.

Kensington Strategy Sdn Bhd (KS) is established in 2002 and specialized in water filtration, water dispensers and water treatment project. Kensington Strategy Sdn Bhd manufactures Reverse Osmosis (RO) drinking water under the brand name of RIO in this region. In order to enhance our marketing strategy, KS also manufactures ceramic filter element which are made from special selected clays and natural materials. Not only that our ceramic filter have had obtained SIRIM approval. It provides pure & clean drinking water to a wide spectrum of industries including household. It customer base include many MNC such as Panasonic, Hitachi Cable, Hitachi Koki, Classic Advantage, Flextronics Technology, Marushin Canneries, Penerbitan Pelangi Sdn Bhd, & etc.

The ceramic manufacturing process we adopt is traditional slip casting which has proved to be the most effective method of producing the highest quality porous filter for purifying drinking water over the last two hundred years. The use of the most advanced and ecology conscious technologically controlled casting, drying and firing equipment that we ensure controlled quality and performance that surpasses the strict requirements of the World Health Organization Drinking Water Safety and Quality Standards. The genuine ceramic filter elements are produced using the latest ceramic techniques which are fired at a temperature in excess of 1,000 degrees Celsius.

At KS, quality is our first priority. Stringent quality assurance procedures are practiced to maintain the highest quality with technical assistance from our British counterparts. Our plant in JB has modern filtration system facilities and advance support equipment. At the same time, we practice strict quality control to ensure conformity with stringent international standards.

Therefore, we are committed as follows:-
1.To provide our customers with drinking water and ceramic filters & services that fully meets their healthy, safety and hygienic
2.Quality assurance is integrated into every phase of our business
3.We conduct our affairs with the highest level of ethics and integrity.
4.Customer satisfaction is our top priority

Setting a consistent goal to cope with high-tech industries of 21st century and a leading role of world class water filtration and water dispenser marketer. KS is fully supported by the up to date equipment and highly competent specialists in different fields and it is actively undertaking R&D projects to enhance our product quality and continuous develop new innovative and creative products.